How To Reach Us
Crisis Support
I need to speak with someone by phone immediately
Call us at  808-880-0264  24 hours a day
Urgent Support
I would like to connect with someone today
Use the "Contact Us" form to indicate your preference for text, email, or phone and the urgency of your need. We will try to contact you the same day during business hours.
Non Urgent/Equine Services 
Use the "Contact Us" form to indicate your preference for text, email, or phone . We will try to contact you within 24 hours during business hours
Contact Us

We will ALWAYS reply to a communication so if you don't hear from us within 24 hours (or immediately for a crisis phone call) it means your message was somehow missed so please resubmit or call again.

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To provide assistance through education and crisis intervention services to help 1st responders pursue healthier living, stronger  families & marriages, and successful careers.