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A Vision...

The idea for the 

10-33 Foundation 

began in October 2011 with a request for help regarding a struggling first responder.  With that, the seed for a vision was planted.  In November 2011 a few former and active first responders got together and began the task of building the 10-33 Foundation.

The "10-33" portion of our Foundation name has a double meaning.  10-33 is a common "10 Code" used by many police agencies to signal an alarm: something is wrong.


 It was clear to the founder and those early members of the 10-33 Foundation that something alarming was happening in the world of first responders and not enough was being done about it.


 With statistics showing disproportional levels of divorce, family violence, substance abuse, and suicides it was clear that more needed to be done.

A Mission...

The "10-33" portion of the name is also in reference to Luke 10:33, one of the most famous parables from the Bible where we get the Good Samaritan law.  In verse 10:33, a Samaritan (an outsider) who is traveling sees an injured man on the side of the road.  The Samaritan "...was moved with compassion..."  The story continues in verses 34 and 35 explaining that the Samaritan went out of his way to aid the injured man, getting him to a safe place, staying the night to ensure that the man was okay, and paying for his stay during his recovery.

The 10-33 Foundation is staffed by current and former first responders, military members, and their families who understand firsthand the struggles of living in these career fields.  We have compassion for those living this life and our mission is to offer assistance through education and crisis intervention services to provide tools to help them secure healthier lives, marriages, and careers.  We have been proudly serving this community since 2012.

Jim Wilson,

Founder & President Emeritus

10-33 Foundation

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