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"The effectiveness of equine-assisted therapy may lie in the capacity of horses to emotionally interplay with humans..."

Equine Services

"Horses are the variable, the unpredictable in the equation.  Sitting across a desk from someone, thrashing out issues and solutions, it may be weeks, months or years before you get to try out an approach, if you even remember what course of action you thought best at the time to try.  With the horse, they are the variable, they give instant feedback as to whether something is working or not, giving people a chance to adjust or revise the plan and so repeating the process and discovering what works for them, This can then be taken outside the arena and applied to life."

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Equine Assisted Therapy Program

On The Ground

Not to be confused with therapeutic riding.  It is 100% ground-based.  Absolutely no prior horse experience is required.  

A Group Effort

With teams made up of licensed mental health professionals, equine specialists, other professionals, and horses, you'll have everything you need to reach your personal development goals.

Engaging, Active, Effective

We give families, groups, and individuals of any age the chance to get to the root of their problems, find better ways to communicate and build healthier relationships.

For Any Problem

EATP is an increasingly popular method of treating addictions, trauma, social and behavioral disorders, depression, and more.

As Featured on ABC News 10

Equine Services Provided By 

Freedom Equine Connection


a division of the 10-33 Foundation

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As a founding member of Arenas for Change (ARCH), Freedom Equine Connection is actively engaged with worldwide industry through leaders and colleagues dedicated to continuous personal and professional development and innovation, providing the best services we can for our clients.


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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
Ground-based Equine Therapy (non-riding)




Equine Life Coaching

Team Building

Services are fee-based and by appointment.  If you would like more information or to book an appointment please submit your request:

Note: Freedom Equine Connection services are limited to Northern Califronia

The Equine Team

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Kevin Anderson
Denise Wilson
Angela Culp
 Certified Equine Specialist
Vice President Equine Services
Licensed Marriage 
and Family Therapist
Special Advisor to
Vice President of Equine Services
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