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I have worked with the 10-33 Foundation for over a year and have been inspired by their drive to help our military and first responder community. Many of the people involved with 10-33 have been through hard times themselves and persevered. They now want to teach others how to cope with PTSD and other military and first responder related stressors. The training they provide is genuine and from the heart. I have had four lives saved in my unit as a direct result of the training provided by 10-33. I am grateful to have played a part in facilitating 10-33’s involvement on Travis Air Force Base.

MSgt Peter Stamatakos (ret)

Former 60 MXS First Sergeant

Travis AFB, CA


We have been utilizing the services of the 10-33 Foundation for stress management training and debriefings when outside assistance is needed. This training includes providing information to all new recruits to give them a tool to work with at the beginning of their fire careers. Providing valuable information before and during difficult times has the potential to limit or reduce the tragic consequences that our firefighters face on the job, within their family life, and the way they interact with their communities in the future. The services provided by the 10-33 Foundation have been invaluable to our organization.


Chief Tony Velasquez

Fire Chief, Fairfield Fire Department


Firefighters and EMS responders need effective tools to help them deal with the inevitable stressors of the job. I've seen too many of my fire service brothers and sisters suffer from ruined marriages, shortened careers or worse yet suicide, because we were forced to internalize the effects of the many tragedies we respond to each year. The 10-33 Foundation has voluntarily given presentations to my firefighter training classes over the past few years. The positive feedback from the students has been outstanding. Thanks to the 10-33 Foundation, these future emergency responders will not be forced to "suck it up" and take their chances on finally venting in a manner that could have lifelong tragic consequences.


 Vince Webster

 Chief, Fairfield Fire Department (Retired)

 Fire Technology Instructor - Solano Community College


We recently added the 10-33 Foundation’s Pre-Incident Stress Awareness Training to our CIT Academy. It immediately became one of the most favored and well- received presentations. I have since had the Foundation return for two more Academies and the presentation keeps improving because they earnestly strive to provide relevant and useful information to first responders that might ultimately help save their lives. Based on the feedback of over 150 officers they trained in our department over the past two years, I know the 10-33 Foundation is positively impacting the Law Enforcement community. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for all they do.


Sergeant Vanessa Payne #2817

San Jose Police Department

Crisis Management Unit


As the President of the State Capital Area Fire Fighter Association, I would like to thank the 10- 33 Foundation for coming to our 32nd Annual Fire School. I was glad that I had the opportunity to sit through your presentation and look forward to your return next year. I will do my best to promote your presentation because I felt it was very helpful.


Chief Joe Hawkins

Chief, Shawnee County Fire District #1, Silver Lake Fire President,

State Capitol Area Firefighters Association, Kansas


I am continually impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise Jim and his team bring to the table in dealing with the difficult and sensitive incidents faced in law enforcement. Our department and people are better equipped to handle the challenges we face on a daily basis because of the work and resources of the 10-33 Foundation.


Jeremy Crone

Operations Commander

Suisun City Police Department

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