Critical Incident 

Stress Management Services

We provide three general categories of critical incident services based on the number of people involved as well as the timing  of the incident.  We also provide Chaplain services to individuals.
  • Provided anytime/anywhere
  • Symptom driven: return to function if possible--referral if needed
  • Available to first responders and adult family members
Small Group
Large Group (Demobilizations)
  • Shift disengagement

  • Event driven

  • To inform and consult

  • Allow psychological decompression/stress management

Chaplain Services
  • Private Office Sessions

  • Stations Visits

  • Ride-alongs

  • Home Visits

All Chaplain services are confidental 

  • Defusings--post crisis within 12 hours
  • Debriefings-post crisis 1-10 days and post mass disaster 3-4 weeks

To provide assistance through education and crisis intervention services to help 1st responders pursue healthier living, stronger  families & marriages, and successful careers.