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SAMM Training

Stress Awareness, Manage​ment & Mitigation Training

  • Identifying positive and negative stress & the impact
  • Identifying sources and reactions of stress
  • How stress affects us
  • Managing stress, both cumulative and traumatic
  • Pillars of a personal foundation to reduce daily stress
  • Practical post Incident coping techniques
We provide four versions of this training, each geared to a specific group or format:
First Responders
4 hour course  (max. 50 attendees)  minimum of 10 attendees
  • This course is specifically designed to target first responders, military, and veterans
  • Course instructors are former or current first responders, military or veterans
​4 hour course ​(max. 50 attendees)minimum of 10 attendees 
  • This course is specifically designed to target spouses, significant others & families of first responders, military and veterans.
  • Course instructors are spouses, significant others, and family members
4 hour course (max. 25 couples) minimum of 10 couples 
  • This course is specially designed to target first responder & Military couples to increase awareness, management, & mitigation working together 
Lunch & Learn Series
3 one hour courses (max 50 atendees)
  • This series of 3 courses covers all the material within the 4-hour course but given one day per week over a three week period
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