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Coping Resources

Visualize the Calm

Visualizing the calm (1).jpg

 Used by some athletes to prepare for the high-stress levels of competition

"Be This" Sense Grounding Practice


BE-THIS: an acronym for powerful grounding skills

Tune Up With Music

Tune Up with Music.jpg

Discover how music plays you as much as you play it

Sensing Axiety

Perfection: The 70% Rule


An exercise for

any time you feel anxious

When good is good enough

Signs & Symptoms


A guide to stress and critical incident stress mitigation

Youre Being Deployed

Now That You're Deployed

Youre Headed Home


Preparedness and expectations.

How Are You (3).jpg

The importance of self care

How Are You (2).jpg

Debrief, decompress, and get support

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